Help your clients complete their financial disclosures quickly and completely, using technology

Why will your clients love it?

It's Simple

Just give your clients link to our secure platform and our comprehensive and easy to use interview takes it from there. No more needing to explain each form, or simple things like how to calculate average monthly income if they’re paid bi-weekly.

It's Convenient

Separate.Pro is available for your clients 24/7, so they can work on their disclosures at their own pace. Our process allows your clients to make incremental progress, which ultimately allows them to finish providing all of their information in less time. No more overwhelm!


As a trial lawyer myself, dealing with discovery obligations became too inefficient. So I created an automation platform that allowed me to focus more on the areas of my cases that needed it.

—  Sandro Tuzzo, Founder and CEO

Sandro Tuzzo is a former litigation attorney and adjunct professor of law at UC Hastings. He has chaired the Family Law Section of the Bar Association of San Francisco.

“ has allowed my clients to finish their disclosures much more quickly and completely than before- and allows my staff to be more efficient. The interface requires that my clients provide more comprehensive information and sends them reminders for me. The software is intuitive and easy for clients to use- with nothing to download or learn on my end.”

Lindsey Bannerman
Principal - Modesto Family Law, Certified Family Law Specialist - Certified by the California State Bar Association Board of Legal Specialization

“Separate.Pro has saved my office countless hours helping our clients to complete their financial disclosures. Now I just send them a link and can expect their disclosures to be completed in less than half the time.”

Ian Duncan
Principal, California Document Preparers

“Without Separate Pro I don’t think it would be possible for me to complete the disclosures in a timely manner. Separate Pro makes it easy to get the disclosures over to the client right away so that they can start working on it.  Before we started using Separate Pro, I would sometimes spend a day or even a day and a half just on disclosures, now I never spend more than two or three hours.”

Allison Hartong
Paralegal, MOBO Law, LLP

Why will you love it?

It's Smart

Our software was made with the expert guidance of senior family law attorneys and paralegals with years of experience with disclosures. Our logic-based system only asks your clients questions relevant to their situation.

It's Thourough

Clients are required to provide mandatory information, so no more skipped sections! Plus, we prompt your clients to give extra detail about their answers beyond what the forms require.

It Saves You Time & Money

We want you and your staff to work on higher-level tasks, not fill out forms all day. Take on a greater volume of clients and spend time on essential issues that need legal expertise.

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Take the guesswork out of completing financial disclosure forms