Tips and tricks from our customers

I wanted to share with you what we know that works, and what doesn't work, from what our customers have told us so far. 

  • Most clients are"tech savvy" enough to use We've been pleasantly surprised by the wide audience that has been able to complete their forms by using our site. While it's true that your clients will need a computer or tablet to be able to log into our site-that is about all they need! If they can use email, they should be fine.\


  • Clients prefer to be invited directly by you. While we do offer the option of having an invitation to our platform come directly from us, we have found that it generally works better when the invitation comes from you. Not only is the email less likely to get filtered out, it also shows that you have endorsed the product as a trustworthy source. For those who have opted for the "white label" service, it will all appear under your firm name.


  • Clients don't want to be given too many choices. Clients don't really know how to effectively choose amongst options when given a choice as to how to complete their disclosures, so we suggest that you keep it simple for them. Of course, since we believe we have the best interface out there, we're biased that you suggest our platform alone!


  • Update your browser. We've found that certain features are harder to read and access from older versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox, so we encourage you to update your browsers-which is a good thing to do anyways in order to stay up to date with security features and to avoid bugs. Also, when possible, Google Chrome works best.
Sandro Tuzzo