Help your clients complete their financial disclosures quickly and cheaply, using technology


Why will your clients love it?

  • It's convenient: Separate.Pro is available for your clients 24/7, so they can work on their disclosures at their own pace. Separate.Pro is user-friendly, and keeps your clients from getting "stuck" on a particular question. Our live chat support has family law professionals on hand whenever they need it.
  • It’s simple. We give your clients links to articles written by experienced family law professionals to answer their questions and to inform their responses. No more needing to explain each form, or simple things like how to calculate average monthly income if they’re paid bi-weekly.

Why will you love it?

  • It’s smart. Our software was made with the expert guidance of senior family law paralegals with years of experience with disclosures. Our system uses conditional logic, and will automatically ask follow-up questions to make sure nothing's forgotten. Automatic validation points out any problems with your client's input as they go, and will stop your clients from skipping over required information.

  • It's thorough. We prompt your clients to give extra detail about their answers beyond what the forms require. This way, we (and you) can make informed decisions about certain input (such as property characterization on the Schedule of Assets and Debts), and get a better understanding of the case.

  • It saves you time & money. We want you and your staff to work on higher-level tasks, not fill out forms all day. Take on a greater volume of clients and spend time on essential issues that need legal expertise. Not to mention, clients save money too



Finally, something quicker than waiting on your client's forms